SpaceX’s Blooper Reel Shows How Far The Company Has Come

Sep 18 2017 by Ian Unsworth


We all know Elon Musk’s SpaceX as a very slick operation, pushing the technical envelope by introducing reusable rockets and redefining the economics of the space industry.

But this well-won reputation was despite significant hiccups in the SpaceX journey.  These hiccups have been documented in a blooper reel of all of SpaceX’s crashes over the years by Musk himself, a master stroke for SpaceX PR.

Of course, SpaceX learnt an awful lot from the failures and the fact that they occurred helped the company to achieve everything that it has done over the last few years, and the SpaceX brand is helped by the ability to poke fun at itself.

Also, the fact that such a video now exists for our viewing pleasure is surely a positive!