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  • 26 Jan 2022

3 Reasons Why You Should Maintain Constant Communication With Your Recruiter

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Many companies and workers see recruiters as a service as needed.

However, staying in constant contact with them is often the more sensible option because it can lead to better (and faster) results.

So, as recruiters, we have come up with our top three reasons why companies and candidates should remain in constant contact with their favourite recruiters.

Why is Communication so Important?

Recruitment relies on communication; that much should be obvious.

Whether its candidates finding their next significant role or clients looking for the right talent, it all relies on clarity of needs.

Here are what we, as expert recruiters, consider to be the three most important reasons why communication is vital.

  1. Constant Updates

Staying up to date during the recruitment journey helps avoid mixed messages or missed signals.

Even something as simple as learning about the progression of a CV can keep things more transparent.

Clients may need to know about a candidate’s current situation, such as whether they are looking for a specific role or have broken away from the recruitment process due to illness or being on holiday.

It would also clarify particular needs, such as working from home or a candidate’s willingness to relocate.

In short, constant updates gives clients a better picture of the wider scenario, while candidates can stay informed about new roles or job offers.

  1. Understanding the Industry

Similarly, communicating with recruiters helps everyone stay updated on the goings-on within the industry itself.

Any recruiter worth their salt will know their industry in detail, including the latest developments in the wider working world.

For example, it might relate to how clients are dealing with Covid restrictions or updates on who is winning new projects.

Then we must also factor in employment changes such as IR35 or rate updates. Candidates and clients might not know these things, whereas a good recruiter will.


  1. Knowing Availability

Finally, constant communication can help clients get ahead of the curve for competitive positions.

A recruiter should ideally know in advance that a company is about to hire and, by extension, should let their candidates know so they can put together an application.

A recruiter can advise them on what CVs are available and when from the client's side.

Some positions have a tiny talent pool, and it is the recruiter’s job to find the right people at the right time.

Maintain Communication

What Can We do to Maintain Communication?

It is fair to assume that not everyone wants to be bombarded with messages.

Even so, arranging regular meetings with your recruiter is perhaps the best way to remain in contact.

Consider getting in touch with them to set aside some time each week, and make sure you set a calendar reminder for it!

Clients should consider notifying recruiters of when contracts end or, if possible, letting them know that they are looking for work ahead of time.

The sooner you tell a recruiter, the sooner they can come back to you with potential roles.

Unsurprisingly, communication is key to effective recruitment.

At KDC Resource, we are staunch believers in this, so please reach out at any time for help with your recruitment journey.