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  • 31 May 2018
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Pete Burden

F-35 Electronic Warfare Systems Contract Awarded to BAE Systems

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BAE Systems has been awarded a five-year contract by Lockheed Martin.  The contract will see BAE Systems manage the supply chain and put in place the necessary infrastructure to ensure that electronic warfare capabilities for F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft are mission capable and available to warfighters.

BAE Systems has a range of electronic warfare capabilities that will provide the F-35 with a 360-degree view of the battlespace.  This will be delivered via advanced avionics and sensors, enlarging detection ranges as well as allowing the pilot to evade, engage, counter and jam threats.

Regional warehouses will be managed and stocked with crucial components to speed up wait times and increase fill rates.  The company will also establish various metrics that will be used to further strengthen confidence in the supply chain.

Betsy Warren, Director of F-35 Sustainment at BAE Systems, said “As a leader in EW systems for the world’s most advanced aircraft, we understand how critical readiness is for our customers.  We’ll ensure that the F-35 EW supply chain is in place for Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense.