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  • 13 Jun 2017

Planning Success - Why Succession Planning Should Be On Your Agenda

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by Richard Parker, KDC Resource Chief Operating Officer

If your best salesperson resigned tomorrow, how badly would your pipeline be affected?  If your star engineer quits, how easily do you think she could be replaced?
I’ve seen it all after spending over 15 years on engineering resource management, strategic planning and technical programme delivery.  I've witnessed first hand that succession planning activities are essential to the maintenance of a healthy, successful business.

Succession planning helps with:

  • Preserving key roles, core skills or special business knowledge.
  • Minimising impact within the business from unexpected leavers or extended absenteeism.
  • Building a more efficient and effective team.
  • The development of a pool of qualified candidates ready to fill key positions.
  • Improved employee engagement through career development and resulting cost benefits.
  • Providing an opportunity for knowledge transfer within the organisation. 

As a fellow member of the aerospace and defence community, I'm offering you a free succession planning masterclass as part of a half-day resource health check.  You’ll receive the tools, frameworks and key knowledge to ensure that your business thrives for years to come, all at your office and free of charge. Fill in the form below to book your session:


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