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  • 26 Apr 2022
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George Randall

The XTURISMO: A design fad, or essential development for the eVTOL sector?

Japanese VTOL + Listing Image

 Image Courtesy: A.L.I. Technologies

The TRON-esque vehicle was flamboyantly brought to our attention a few weeks ago at the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters' first home game of the season.


A.L.I. Technologies, a Japanese start-up, has introduced its hoverbike, which it claims will provide "an emotional experience that will move you".


What is the XTURISMO?


The hoverbike, known as the 'XTURISMO Limited Edition', features a motorcycle-like body on top of propellers that sit on landing skids when stationary.


It has a conventional engine and four battery-powered motors and can fly for 40 minutes at speeds of up to 62 mph (100 kph).


The hoverbike is 12 feet long from tip to tail and 8 feet wide by 5 feet high, with a dramatic black and red paint job.


Despite being much larger and heavier than a standard motorcycle (661 pounds, to be exact), it keeps a similar look, saving for the massive rotors and landing skids.


Its purpose


Despite being positioned as a 'super-bike' alternative, sectors outside the luxury personal vehicle market could utilise the technology.


Harken back to our previous article on potential applications for eVTOL craft, namely the emergency response.


Due to its mobility and design, emergency support personnel could easily use it to get to areas otherwise unable to reach by larger craft.


This technology will undoubtedly be looked at keenly by other manufacturers with an eye to adapting for a different target market.


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