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  • 28 Jul 2021
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Adam Stockley

Why is Working in the Space Sector Worth the Challenges?

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The recent developments in the billionaire space race have brought the sector firmly back into the public eye. Gone are the days when space technology was a niche subject only appreciated by a few. Now, the space sector influences our everyday lives, and many of us rely on it.

It is no secret that getting into the space sector is challenging, as is the work involved. But is it worth it? The answer is a clear and resounding yes.

The Benefits of Working in the Space Sector

As we have discussed previously, the space sector has considerable influence over almost everything we do on Earth. Our reliance on satellite technology falls within the space sector, as do things like climate change.

From a non-monetary perspective, these are perhaps the clearest benefits of working in the space sector. Climate change is a danger to our future, and one the space sector can help to solve. Everything from advanced climate mapping to AI planning of tree planting relies on space technology.

It also has benefits for healthcare, terrestrial safety, and generally improving lives. While many of these advancements began in space, it did not take long for them to be applied to life here on Earth.

Then, from a financial perspective, the space sector is a lucrative one. Granted, we should not choose our jobs based on pay alone, but it does help. Space technology is a highly in-demand industry, whether you work in satellites, exploration, or another niche.

Much of this comes from working with well-respected companies and people. Both established companies and disruptive start-ups hold great respect within the community, which can translate to better job connections in the future. While breaking into the industry can be difficult, the connections you make along the way can lead to incredible opportunities in the future.

Of course, we cannot overlook the obvious benefit of advancing the space sector itself. There are clear reasons why advancing space exploration and technology improves other industries, ranging from greater innovation to improved industrial productivity. And, working on space technology is incredibly interesting in its own right.

Finally, growing international investment means there will be more jobs than ever before. For example, the UK government continues to increase its annual investment in space technologies. Whether it is the country’s first spaceports, the booming small-sat industry, or climate technology, the money is there. In the short term, this translates to better employment opportunities. In the long term, it means economic growth and greater chances for international collaboration.

Getting Started in the Space Sector

Of course, to get started in the space sector, you must have the right drive. It is a competitive and comparatively small industry but is also one you stick with once you are in it. The expected growth in the next few decades will bring more jobs and innovation, so there is arguably no better time than right now to get involved.