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  • 05 Sep 2023
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Why Should You Consider Working in the Space Sector?

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In a recent article, we investigated the current skills gap in the UK space sector. The UK hopes for a 10% global market share of the industry by 2030. While this looks just out of reach by current standards, it’ll hopefully mean a greater push for more skills-based training and job advertisements.


But this leads us to the follow-up question: why should you consider working in the space sector? Let’s take a look.

Why Do People Join the Space Industry?

The Space Skills Alliance helpfully published a survey in March 2023 that answers this question. It found that the two main motivating factors for joining the industry are a desire for interesting work (44%) and a love of space (42%).

It’s fair to say that the space sector certainly does include interesting work. Many of the respondents who gave this answer work (or are moving into) engineering- and science-related areas. Interestingly, only 9% of respondents stated they entered the space sector due to the potential salaries it offered.

The survey found that there were numerous obvious skill areas that respondents focused on in their education. Along with science and engineering, the two most popular subject areas are computing and policy, with education not too far behind. As we mentioned in our previous article, these are the main areas where skills are currently lacking in the space industry.

How to Join the Space Industry

The space sector is a highly qualified industry; 38% of respondents had a master’s as their highest qualification, and 30% had a PhD. So, the short answer to how to join the space industry is to begin with the relevant qualifications. Physics, engineering, aerospace and geophysics are all good starting points.

Then, you should look towards grad schemes, work experience and internships as the next steps. Depending on where you live and what university you attend, there may be graduate schemes in place – it’s worth checking with your university if you’re unsure.

The Benefits of Working in the Space Industry

The space industry will be at the forefront of many global challenges in the near future. As we develop our understanding of climate change and our energy use, space will play an important role in our solutions. The largest proportion of respondents in the survey above stated a desire for interesting work, and this is a fairly obvious example of this.

And we can’t overlook the variety of work available in the space sector. Think of all the different avenues available within this broad industry: satellites, spaceflight, ground station work, theoretical and practical routes, and much more.

The bottom line is that the space industry will be more impactful than ever before in the near future. Of course, there are other benefits of transferrable skills and working in an interconnected community with global-level talent. The UK has lots of great potential for space sector jobs in all kinds of places (not just in the UK!).

How Can KDC Help?

If you’re thinking of moving into the space sector, reach out to us at KDC to see how we can help. We have an extensive range of connections within the UK engineering industry and space sectors, and we can put these to use helping you find your dream job.

Start by booking a discovery call with us so we can discuss your goals within the industry. The UK space sector is booming, and there’s no better time than now to get involved.