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What We Do

Building a Robust Senior Management Team for You

It's a crucial component of organisational success. When looking for a new leader, finding the right candidate with the skills and experience to meet the position's challenges is essential.

Perhaps more importantly, they must also have the vision and values to align with your organisation.

That's where KDC Resource comes in. We use a tried and proven method of recruiting to ensure you find your next leader in the workplace.

How We Do It

A Comprehensive Approach to Finding Your Perfect Match

Want to know what's included in your tailored executive search plan?

From the very start, we'll work as your search partner to find your next executive hire. 

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Candidate Briefing Packs and Search Plan

This plan outlines the requirements for the position, the qualifications that are required, and the timeline and process to be employed.

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Candidate Screening

We will screen candidates to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications and desired behaviours for the position.

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Behavioural Assessments

Our revolutionary platform, KDC Assent, is partnered with McQuaig to bring you in-depth behavioural analysis, so you can match your values and those of your candidates, allowing you to make informed hiring decisions.

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In-Depth Interview Support

A thorough interview plan will mean a structured approach, delving deeper into the candidates' skills, experience, and leadership style to determine whether they fit your organisation well.

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Onboarding Support

With 20 years of experience in Engineering Recruitment, we have helped organisations onboard employees, all the way from OEMs to Start-ups.

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The KDC Assent® Guarantee

Our clients report an average of 96% employee retention in the first year, with 93% of our executive search candidates staying beyond their second year with the company. That's over 10% higher than the industry standard.

So Why Choose KDC Resource?

Our Promise to You

You will experience the executive search process differently by using a company with deep-domain technical expertise in specialist engineering. Utilise our twenty years of experience as an end-to-end engineering company to help you find your next leader.

Increase New Employee Retention

  • Achieve a 96% first-year retention rate for new hires with KDC Assent®

Save Time and Money

  • Our proven talent acquisition methodology saves you time and money by interviewing the right people early.

Achieve Anticipated Outcomes

  • Make informed hiring decisions using scientific, visual, and competency-based assessments.
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Our Award Winning Platform

Introducing KDC Assent

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KDC Resource is a dedicated Executive Search provider with an extensive record of building and strengthening executive and sales teams across EMEA, the U.S. and Asia.

Over the last ten years, we’ve successfully differentiated ourselves through the creation and use of cutting-edge award-winning technology, allowing us to achieve unparalleled results whereby 96% of the candidates we place are still in employment 12 months later.

Ensuring the best cultural, behavioural, and skill fit for our clients and candidates lead to your and our success.

Ready to see our platform in action?

Experience Engineering Headhunting Differently.

Experience your technical engineering recruitment journey differently with KDC Resource.

Let us help you find your next leader.

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