Providing talent and expertise to leading
engineering companies to advance the
sector together.

Our mission is to bring together the best engineering talent and companies looking to disrupt the industry. To achieve this, we thoroughly train each consultant to the highest standard to ensure they are experts in their specific fields. The result? Leading engineering companies have both the tools and talent to excel in their areas. Together, we can advance the sector.


Specialist knowledge is the only way to approach specialist recruitment

The KDC approach is based on transparency and simplicity. We know recruitment is time-consuming and requires expertise, so this is what we provide. Our consultants work with companies and candidates to match leading talent with the right positions.

To do this, we provide consultation advice to both sides to ensure a smoother process. Every conversation we have is two-way, and the only way to provide perfect matches is to listen to your needs. We keep you informed at every stage to ensure success in our decision-making.


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