Meet the Team

  • Richard Parker

    Operations Director
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    Richard joined KDC Resource as Operations Director in February 2010.

    He has spent over 15 years in the engineering services industry with the likes of GKN Aerospace, Airbus and Rolls Royce, concentrating on Engineering Resource Management, Strategic Planning and Technical Programme Delivery.

  • Crispin Hume

    Business Manager
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    Crispin leads the recruitment team at KDC Resource, ensuring that we deliver the best possible service to our clients and candidates.

    Crispin drives the entire team to be at their best by sharing his years (and years) of experience and providing on going support and training.

    About Crispin

    Crisping has been in the recruitment industry ever since finishing at university. After 12 years at an investment banking recruitment consultancy, Crispin joined KDC Resource in 2012. 

    He has been instrumental in growing our team of consultants and giving them the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and teams.

    In his free time Crispin enjoys windsurfing, surfing and triathlons. He also has quite the talent for house renovations.


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  • Jessica Rose

    Principal Consultant
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    Jessica specialises in the areas of Airworthiness, Systems and Development.

    As Principal Consultant, she leads day-to-day activity on some of our largest accounts, consistently delivering the highest levels of service for clients and candidates alike.

    About Jessica

    Before beginning her career in recruitment, Jessica managed popular bars in Birmingham’s busy city centre.

    When she made the decision to move back to the South Coast, she wanted to find a new role that offered a career path but retained the relationship building of her former position.

    And more sociable hours.

    Jessica joined KDC Resource in 2014 as a trainee and worked her way up to Principal Consultant. In a relatively short space of time she has become one of our most knowledgeable consultants in the field.

    Jessica succeeds because she loves talking to new people and building enduring relationships with both our clients and our candidates.

    In her free time Jessica likes to stay active by riding her horse and by attending Yoga and Pilates classes. She also loves to travel, enjoying the occasional margherita by a pool, in a tropical climate.


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  • Nathan Sweeney

    Senior Consultant
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    Nathan heads up our emerging and disrupting technologies team at KDC Resource.

    He works with some of the world's leading companies who are solving some of the hardest problems facing the world. 

    About Nathan

    Nathan studied forensic computing at Bournemouth University before working with technology companies however he found that the lack of variety or innovation rather stifling.

    Technical Recruitment offered Nathan both a career with defined progression and the opportunity to learn about emerging and disruptive technology.

    This passion resulted in Nathan setting up an entire new department at KDC, helping innovative organisations find the best talent to drive their ambitions forward. 

    Outside of work, Nathan is a proud member of prestigious golf club while being notable below par at the sport. He also trains in BJJ, MMA, Thai boxing and boxing. He also enjoys travel and trying foods from all over the world. 


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  • Alex Joy

    Internal Recruiter
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    Alex is our internal recruitment consultant here at KDC Resource. It's his task to find great people to join our team. We're not like most recruitment consultancies. Prior experience doesn't matter as much as the right attitude and a willingness to learn and work hard.

    It's up to Alex to find those special individuals who fir the bill.

    About Alex

    Alex worked in a number of administration roles in a few different industries before he discovered recruitment in 2011.

    At the urging of a colleague, Alex took to the varied nature of the work like a duck to water. Alex found he took great satisfaction from working in such a varied and fast paced work environment, all the while helping people find their dream jobs.

    As an internal recruiter Alex puts his years of experience to use, finding great candidates for us rather than our clients. Alex has the pleasure of finding people he know will thrive as part of the KDC team.

    In his spare time Alex enjoys tracks days, football, playing on his Xbox and flipping properties.

  • Eugene McIntyre

    Senior Consultant
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    Eugene has spent six years in recruitment covering Engineering, Operations and Production. As a senior consultant at KDC Resource, Eugene is responsible for all roles relating to the Space industry. Eugene works with companies all over the world finding engineers to work on projects ranging from space exploration to clearing space debris. 

    About Eugene

    Eugene attended Rohampton University for a business studies degree when a chance round of golf with a successful recruitment consultancy owner convinced him of another path.

    Two weeks later Eugene was working for the individual learning the trade. Since 2012 Eugene has worked across multiple industries, delving into what makes each one unique and selling the dream to his candidates. Eugene's enthusiasm for learning about new markets and technology makes him ideally suited for heading up our Space roles. 

    In his spare time, Eugene enjoys (beating Nathan at) golf, football, Gaelic football, snowboarding, surfing, MMA and BJJ.​


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  • Lauren Byrne

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Lauren works across all aspects of aerospace and defence recruitment and manages the relationships for a number of our biggest clients in those industries. In addition to finding great candidates, Lauren ensures that we meet their requirements for both spec and cultural fit.

    About Lauren

    Lauren is originally from Ireland and is a fully qualified dance teacher. She spent 9 years choreographing shows and coaching aspiring young dancers to pass professional exams.

    In 2016 Lauren felt it was time for a change and opted for a recruitment as it allowed her to continue building relationships - at which she excels - and gave her an opportunity to constantly learn.

    In her free time, Lauren tries to stay as active as possible, enjoying spinning and pilates classes and hitting the gym. And - of course - dancing when the opportunity presents itself.


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  • Fraser Dawson

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Fraser is responsible for our Cyber Security roles, finding the right skills for some of the biggest names in the space.

    About Fraser

    Fraser is our resident golf pro, having earned a scholarship for a division 1 university in the USA. However a back injury forced him to reconsider his career choice and found recruitment.

    Fraser's 'can do' attitude and drive for learning makes him a great fit for both recruitment and heading up one of the fastest growing and most challenging sectors.

    Fraser enjoys working with individuals and businesses from all over the world, helping them solve their recruitment challenges. All the while growing his knowledge in an interesting and important field.

    In his free time Fraser plays 6 aside football, plays golf (far better than Nathan and Eugene) and occasionally makes it to the gym.


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  • Francis Cook

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Francis works with Nathan as part of the Emerging & Disruptive Technologies team. Francis works with innovative multinationals developing the future of zero emission mass transport, among others.

    About Francis 

    Before starting his career in recruitment, Francis spent some time living in Germany, soaking up the culture and learning the language. Plus brief stint working in a post office.

    As part of the emerging and disruptive technology team Francis now he has the opportunity to learn about new technologies that will quite literally change the world.

    He also gets to put his linguistic talents to good use speaking to businesses all over the world, supporting them in their talent search.

    Outside of work Francis plays the piano and travels as much as possible, especially to his second home of Germany.


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  • Paul Lathbury

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Paul works across with our Aerospace and Defence clients, working with Lauren and Crispin to find the best technical talent in the industries, wherever they may reside. 

    About Paul

    Paul's background is in fitness, with a degree in sports science and 15 years spent as a personal trainer, gym supervisor and spinning instructor. Paul's passion for helping people achieve their personal goals, and his own need to learn and develop led him to us.

    Paul's friendly demeanor means he excels at building a rapport with candidates, fostering positive working relationships and helping those candidates through the recruitment process.

    In his free time Paul likes to keep active by weight training at the gym, mountain biking, paddle boarding and kayaking. To name a few.


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  • Brandon Goudie

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Brandon is part of the Emerging and Disruptive Technology team. He works hard tracking down highly skilled individuals to join some of the most innovative and exciting organisations in the world.

    About Brandon

    This is Brandon's first career role since finishing school. He was looking for a position where he could make a difference to other people's lives as well as develop both professionally and personally.

    Brandon loves getting to know our candidates in order to find the best possible role that suits their skills, experience and personal ambitions. He takes finding that 'perfect fit' for both candidate and client very seriously.

    In his free time he enjoys playing football with friends and travelling...when he's not losing his passport in places where it's a really bad idea to lose your passport.

  • Ryan Clark

    Recruitment Consultant
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    Ryan works alongside Lauren and Paul on the aerospace and defence recruitment team. He has the challenge of finding great candidates who are both the right fit on paper and for the culture too. 

    About Ryan

    Ryan studied computer science at Exeter University but decided that the coding game wasn't for him. So instead of joining the I.T. crowd, he joined KDC Resource.

    For Ryan helping people find a great job in order to make a better life for themselves is hugely rewarding. He also enjoys talking to people from all walks of life and levels of experience. No two days are ever the same.

    In his free time you can find Ryan in the gym. Being a self confessed fitness fanatic leaves little room for much else.

  • Phil Tyreman

    Recruitment Consultant
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    3. LinkedIn Profile

    Phil works with Jess on the aerospace and defence team, specifically on Part 21J, finding talented engineers to work with some of the biggest aerospace manufacturers in the world.

    About Phil

    Before joining KDC Phil spent several years as a Paramedic, helping people all over the Bournemouth area. During his time working for the NHS he worked his way up to oversee three Ambulance stations, co-ordinating the efforts of paramedics in their life saving efforts.

    However, Phil felt like he needed a change so went from saving lives to changing lives. Recruitment was a good fit for Phil as it was important for him to still help others. Although he doesn’t get to wear latex to work anymore (except on casual Fridays), Phil really enjoys talking to people and understanding the kind of roles that candidates are looking for. Working with Jess within Aerospace and Part 21J, Phil loves the challenge of finding the perfect candidates for the role, wherever they may be hiding.

    In his spare time Phil enjoys weight lifting, walking and eating. We’d love to say Phil likes fine dining, but we’ve seen him eat a jar of peanut butter with a spoon.