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  • 05 Jul 2023
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How Does Hiring the Right Engineers Keep Production Costs Down?

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Building commercial aircraft is expensive, especially when you factor in the research and design process. But one way to help keep costs down is to plan ahead by hiring the right team for the job.


So, how does having the right team help maintain cost efficiency during the production of commercial aircraft? Let’s take a look.

Maintaining Cost Efficiency in Commercial Aircraft Production

If you’re building a commercial aircraft, you have to approach the process from numerous angles. Hiring the right engineers from the start helps you address the project holistically; for example, if your engineers have project management and regulatory compliance experience, they can advise on how best to distribute resources to meet the requirements of governing bodies.

Similarly, engineers with previous experience in aircraft production will help with design efficiency. As we discussed in a previous post on safety and cost, multi-disciplinary design optimisation can make the design and production process far more efficient. In short, it cuts down on revision time and allows departments to work together on common goals and issues.

But hiring engineers from outside of aircraft production can be helpful, too. It can help bring innovation to your project, as engineers who have worked on different projects might have novel perspectives on aircraft design.

You should also look for engineers with sustainability expertise. As aerospace moves towards carbon net-zero and sustainable fuel goals, it’ll become more important than ever to look outside the direct industry for knowledge and experience. Insights from other branches of engineering will be invaluable for bringing true sustainability to aviation.

This falls under the bracket of cross-functional collaboration, similar to multi-disciplinary design optimisation. Bringing together different departments and specialisms is key to innovative thinking and novel approaches to issues. Working together on a project can help reduce communication time and downtime and build relationships that could be beneficial in the future.

It's vital to find the right engineers with sufficient data analysis knowledge. Predictive maintenance is just one route for this, but it can help with design efficiency and the aircraft’s service lifetime. As with other design aspects, predictive maintenance helps save money (compared to routine or preventative maintenance) because it allows manufacturers to understand when problems will occur and plan accordingly.

In short, hiring the right team of engineers can help keep costs down through efficient production and error reduction. Many of the aspects above help reduce errors, and this is arguably one of the most important aspects of cost efficiency. After all, errors cost time and money to fix, so it’s always best to just not make them!

The Challenges of Hiring the Best Team

There are two significant hurdles to finding the best team of engineers for commercial aircraft production. The first is talent availability and connecting with qualified candidates for all the roles you need to fill.

The second is cost. Searching for engineers can be expensive, as is connecting with and interviewing potential candidates. If you’re already juggling other aspects of a project, finding the time to hire qualified people can be challenging.

How Can KDC Help You Find the Right Engineers?

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