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  • 27 Sep 2022
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Pete Burden

How to Hire Right the First Time: A Guide for Hiring Managers

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When you're looking to fill a position in your company, it's essential to take the time to find the right person. Hiring the wrong employee can be costly and time-consuming. In this blog post, we'll discuss tips for finding the right person for the job - and how to avoid making expensive mistakes in the recruitment process.

A massive factor that is often overlooked is the employee's aspirations. Are they likely to stay with the company for a long time, or are they simply looking for a stopgap till the next opportunity? Of course, you can influence this by following the tips below.

It's essential to consider the company's culture and the job fit. The right employee will be an excellent cultural fit and will be able to do the job that you're hiring them for. Choosing the right employee to stay with the company will save money on future recruitment fees, training budget, and time.

To find the right person for the job, you'll need to identify your company's needs. What skills and qualities are required for the role? What type of individual are you looking for? Will they be expected to lead from the front with innovative and company-changing ideas, or do you expect them to work on projects set for them without creative input?

Once you've identified these requirements, you can start searching for candidates. There are several ways to find potential candidates, including job boards, online directories, and social media sites. However, most roles for a technical engineering organisation will require a specialist recruiter.

While there are a lot of talented individuals in technical engineering, not every one of them will be suitable for your company. It is difficult to read the candidates' compatibility from a simple CV or application letter.

We believe finding the right match between hiring managers' expectations and candidates' competencies is key to employee retention. We've found that when these two things are in sync, employees stay with the company for longer and work more efficiently.

That's why, when we developed KDC Assent, our ground-breaking recruitment platform, we combined good recruitment practice with scientific data analysis to match the candidate to the perfect role. That's why our clients have a 96% employee retention rate within the first year versus the industry standard of 80%.

Making the right decision when hiring an employee can be difficult, but it's essential to take the time to find the right person for the job. By following these tips, you can avoid making costly mistakes in the recruitment process.

Do you know how much your hiring process is costing you? Our calculator will work out how much bad hires are costing you. Our formula is based on figures from the Recruitment and Employment Federation. It takes into consideration direct and indirect recruitment costs, from wasted salary and training and development to loss of business and reputation.

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