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  • 02 Feb 2022
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How to Stand Out From the Crowd During the Recruitment Process

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Getting a job is an incredibly competitive process, particularly in niche fields.

Candidates must do everything possible to be visible, both before and during the actual recruitment process.

We have previously discussed how to stay ahead of the recruitment curve and the benefits of staying in contact with your industry recruiter.

These cover the before part, so what about during? That is what we will cover here.

Making Yourself Known During the Recruitment Process

Candidates should constantly be thinking about how to stand out from the competition, in the right ways, of course.

We can break the recruitment process down into three areas: initial contact, interviews, and offer process.

Let us look at each in turn to understand what candidates can do.

Initial Contact

The first tip is to stay in constant contact with your recruiter, as mentioned above.

Doing so means you will be at the front of their mind when an opportunity arises.

It should (hopefully) also mean they remember your face and goals, meaning you will be a go-to when they need to suggest applicants.

Alongside this, be realistic with your experience and expectations.

Clarity and honesty are excellent traits to have at this stage in the journey, as clients (more so than recruiters) will typically be making less informed decisions about whether to continue with your application.

All they have is your CV information and your initial contact as a frame of reference, so make it count.


Striking the right balance in interviews can be challenging, particularly if you are passionate about a subject or proposed role.

However, do not oversell yourself. It is expected that you will explain why you are a good fit, but your responses do not need to go beyond that.

Short, concise explanations that answer the questions are much better than long rambling answers.

Also, try to avoid the topic of money, at least during the initial interviews.

Ideally, the salary range will be advertised. If not, let the interviewer start the conversation, or save it for a later time.

Jumping straight in with talks about money can feel tasteless and will make them remember you for the wrong reasons.

Offer Process 

It can be easy to slack off once you think you have the offer.

But this is potentially the most important part of the whole journey.

Make sure you are available to answer questions and keep everyone updated on your holidays or anything else that might impact your application.

Remember, communication is vital, so do not let it slip now. Keep talking to your recruiter but avoid badgering the company itself.

If you have not yet had the conversation, now is the right time to discuss money (letting them initiate, of course).

Final Thoughts

Standing out from the crowd during recruitment is all about doing things by the book, but with a bit of flair.

You have to be the best at being the best and remain open and honest throughout.

Doing so will reflect well on you (and your recruiter) in the client’s eyes.

If you need help cementing your recruitment process, KDC is here for you.

We are expert recruiters in the field of engineering, so know what boxes you must tick to stand out.

Please reach out to see what we can do for you.