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  • 06 Apr 2022

Why time management is important in recruitment

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There’s one quick fix to more successful recruitment – better time management.

Feel like your to-do list will never end? Inbox groaning at the seams? Getting distracted by too many calls on your time?

While you’re busy firefighting, the best candidates are getting snapped up by your competitors.

Not devoting enough quality time to hiring the right people can cost you and your company dear in the long-term.

A global survey conducted by CEB in 2013 found that more than one in five hires are bad hires or are regretted later. 


Happy clients


A 2021 LinkedIn analysis revealed that engineering is the sector that takes the longest to hire – 49 days on average. How much of that time is spent on failed job interviews?

Moving times for interviews around because you’re double booked or taking too long to feedback on CVs because you’re too busy, kills deals. 

Free up time to properly review CVs and research the front runners before you invite them to interview, and you’ll find the right person for the job in half the time.


Happy candidates


You can’t afford to be wasting time on employers who take too long to get back to you.

Randomly firing out your CV to firms who aren’t even looking will get you nowhere fast.

Concentrate your efforts on the best options out there for you.

This avoids you having to constantly chase recruiters or hiring managers when you could be focusing your precious time and efforts elsewhere.

Communication is key


Most important of all, for clients and candidates alike, brush up on your communication skills to eliminate any misunderstandings and errors.

When there’s clear communication throughout the hiring process, a candidate maintains a positive experience of the company even if they don’t get the job.


Save yourself time and money


Having a recruiting strategy will assist you in avoiding recruiting blunders and achieving higher hiring success rates.

If you don’t have time to devote to this task, you can rely on specialists to do it for you.

KDC Resource works on a retainer basis and will grade candidates’ technical competence and carry out interviews for you.

For candidates, we provide consultation calls and guidance on where to best place your CV.